Change log

Stable versions

Version 1.43.7 (April 16, 2019)

  • Exclude tests from PyPI distribution (#1031) (78d283b9)
  • Add codecov badge (#1090) (4c0b54c0)

Version 1.43.6 (April 05, 2019)

New features

  • Add support for Python 3.7 (#1028) (6faa00ac)
  • Adding HTTP retry functionality via urllib3 (#1002) (5ae7af55)
  • Add new dismiss() method on PullRequestReview (#1053) (8ef71b1b)
  • Add since and before to get_notifications (#1074) (7ee6c417)
  • Add url parameter to include anonymous contributors in get_contributors (#1075) (293846be)
  • Provide option to extend expiration of jwt token (#1068) (86a9d8e9)

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix the default parameter for PullRequest.create_review (#1058) (118def30)
  • Fix get_access_token (#1042) (6a89eb64)
  • Fix Organization.add_to_members role passing (#1039) (480f91cf)


  • Remove Status API (6efd6318)

Version 1.43.5 (January 29, 2019)

  • Add project column create card (#1003) (5f5c2764)
  • Fix request got an unexpected keyword argument body (#1012) (ff789dcc)
  • Add missing import to PullRequest (#1007) (b5122768)

Version 1.43.4 (December 21, 2018)

New features

  • Add Migration API (#899) (b4d895ed)
  • Add Traffic API (#977) (a433a2fe)
  • New in Project API: create repository project, create project column (#995) (1c0fd97d)

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Change type of to NamedUser (#969) (aca50a75)
  • Use total_count from data in PaginatedList (#963) (ec177610)

Version 1.43.3 (October 31, 2018)

New features

  • Add support for JWT authentication (#948) (8ccf9a94)
  • Added support for required signatures on protected branches (#939) (8ee75a28)
  • Ability to filter repository collaborators (#938) (5687226b)
  • Mark notification as read (#932) (0a10d7cd)
  • Add highlight search to search_code function (#925) (1fa25670)
  • Adding suspended_at property to NamedUSer (#922) (c13b43ea)
  • Add since parameter for Gists (#914) (e18b1078)

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix missing parameters when reversing PaginatedList (#946) (60a684c5)
  • Fix unable to trigger RateLimitExceededException. (#943) (972446d5)
  • Fix inconsistent behavior of trailing slash usage in file path (#931) (ee9f098d)
  • Fix handling of 301 redirects (#916) (6833245d)
  • Fix missing attributes of get_repos for authenticated users (#915) (c411196f)
  • Fix Repository.edit (#904) (7286eec0)
  • Improve __repr__ method of Milestone class (#921) (562908cb)
  • Fix rate limit documentation change (#902) (974d1ec5)
  • Fix comments not posted in create_review() (#909) (a18eeb3a)

Version 1.43.2 (September 12, 2018)

  • Restore RateLimit.rate attribute, raise deprecation warning instead (d92389be)

Version 1.43.1 (September 11, 2018)

New feature:

  • Add support for Projects (#854) (faca4ce1)

Version 1.43 (September 08, 2018)


  • Repository.get_archive_link will now NOT follow HTTP redirect and return the url instead (#858) (43d325a5)
  • Fixed Gistfile.content (#486) (e1df09f7)
  • Restored NamedUser.contributions attribute (#865) (b91dee8d)

New features

  • Add support for repository topics (#832) (c6802b51)
  • Add support for required approving review count (#888) (ef16702)
  • Add Organization.invite_user (880)(eb80564)
  • Add support for search/graphql rate limit (fd8a036)
  • Add Support search by topics (#893) (3ce0418)
  • Branch Protection API overhaul (#790) (171cc567)


  • Add missing arguments to Repository.edit (#844) (29d23151)
  • Add missing attributes to Repository (#842) (2b352fb3)
  • Adding archival support for Repository.edit (#843) (1a90f5db)
  • Add tag_name and target_commitish arguments to GitRelease.update_release (#834) (790f7dae)
  • Allow editing of Team descriptions (#839) (c0021747)
  • Add description to Organizations (#838) (1d918809)
  • Add missing attributes for IssueEvent (#857) (7ac2a2a)
  • Change MainClass.get_repo default laziness (#882) (6732517)


  • Removed Repository.get_protected_branch (#871) (49db6f8)

Version 1.42 (August 19, 2018)

  • Fix travis upload issue


  • Repository.get_archive_link will now NOT follow HTTP redirect and return the url instead (#858) (43d325a5)
  • Fixed Gistfile.content (#486) (e1df09f7)
  • Restored NamedUser.contributions attribute (#865) (b91dee8d)

New features

  • Add support for repository topics (#832) (c6802b51)
  • Branch Protection API overhaul (#790) (171cc567)


  • Add missing arguments to Repository.edit (#844) (29d23151)
  • Add missing properties to Repository (#842) (2b352fb3)
  • Adding archival support for Repository.edit (#843) (1a90f5db)
  • Add tag_name and target_commitish arguments to GitRelease.update_release (#834) (790f7dae)
  • Allow editing of Team descriptions (#839) (c0021747)
  • Add description to Organizations (#838) (1d918809)

Version 1.41 (August 19, 2018)


  • Repository.get_archive_link will now NOT follow HTTP redirect and return the url instead (#858) (43d325a5)
  • Fixed Gistfile.content (#486) (e1df09f7)
  • Restored NamedUser.contributions attribute (#865) (b91dee8d)

New features

  • Add support for repository topics (#832) (c6802b51)
  • Branch Protection API overhaul (#790) (171cc567)


  • Add missing arguments to Repository.edit (#844) (29d23151)
  • Add missing properties to Repository (#842) (2b352fb3)
  • Adding archival support for Repository.edit (#843) (1a90f5db)
  • Add tag_name and target_commitish arguments to GitRelease.update_release (#834) (790f7dae)
  • Allow editing of Team descriptions (#839) (c0021747)
  • Add description to Organizations (#838) (1d918809)

Version 1.40 (June 26, 2018)

  • Major enhancement: use requests for HTTP instead of httplib (#664) (9aed19dd)
  • Test Framework improvement (#795) (faa8f205)
  • Handle HTTP 202 HEAD & GET with a retry (#791) (3aead158)
  • Fix github API requests after asset upload (#771) (8bdac23c)
  • Add remove_membership() method to Teams class (#807) (817f2230)
  • Add check-in to projects using PyGithub (#814) (05f49a59)
  • Include target_commitish in GitRelease (#788) (ba5bf2d7)
  • Fix asset upload timeout, increase default timeout from 10s to 15s (#793) (140c6480)
  • Fix Team.description (#797) (0e8ae376)
  • Fix Content-Length invalid headers exception (#787) (23395f5f)
  • Remove NamedUser.contributions (#774) (a519e467)
  • Add ability to skip SSL cert verification for Github Enterprise (#758) (85a9124b)
  • Correct Repository.get_git_tree recursive use (#767) (bd0cf309)
  • Re-work PullRequest reviewer request (#765) (e2e29918)
  • Add support for team privacy (#763) (1f23c06a)
  • Add support for organization outside collaborators (#533) (c4446996)
  • PullRequest labels should use Issues URL (#754) (678b6b20)
  • Support labels for PullRequests (#752) (a308dc92)
  • Add get_organizations() (#748) (1e0150b5)

Version 1.39 (April 10, 2018)

  • Add documentation to github.Repository.Repository.create_git_release() (#747) (a769c2ff)
  • Add add_to_members() and remove_from_membership() (#741) (4da483d1)
  • Documentation: clarify semantics of get_comments (#743) (fec3c943)
  • Add download_url to ContentFile, closes #575 (ca6fbc45)
  • Add PullRequestComment.in_reply_to_id (#718) (eaa6a508)
  • Add team privacy parameter to create team (#702) (5cb5ab71)
  • Implement License API (#734) (b54ccc78)
  • Fix delete method for RepositoryKey (911bf615)
  • Remove edit for UserKey (722f2534)
  • Labels API: support description (#738) (42e75938)
  • Added Issue.as_pull_request() and PullReqest.as_issue() (#630) (6bf2acc7)
  • Documentation: sort the Github Objects (#735) (1497e826)
  • Add support for getting PR single review’s comments. (#670) (612c3500)
  • Update the RepositoryKey class (#530) (5e8c6832)
  • Added since to PR review comments get (#577) (d8508285)
  • Remove some duplicate attributes introduced in #522 (566b28d3)
  • Added tarball_url, zipball_url, prerelease and draft property (#522) (c76e67b7)
  • Source Import API (#673) (864c663a)

Version 1.38 (March 21, 2018)

  • Updated readthedocs, PyPI to reflect latest version
  • Added option to create review for Pull request (#662) (162f0397)
  • Depreciate legacy search API (3cd176e3)
  • Filter team members by role (#491) (10ee17a2)
  • Add url attribute to PullRequestReview object (#731) (0fb176fd)
  • Added target_commitish option to Repository.create_git_release() (#625) (0f0a7d4e)
  • Fix broken Github reference link in class docstrings (a32a17bf)
  • Add hook support for organizations (#729) (c7f6563c)
  • Get organization from the team (#590) (d9c5a07f)
  • Added search_commits (#727) (aa556f85)
  • Collaborator site admin (#719) (f8b23505)
  • Fix add_to_watched for AuthenticatedUser (#716) (6109eb3c)

Version 1.37 (March 03, 2018)

  • Add __eq__ and __hash__ to NamedUser (#706) (8a13b274)
  • Add maintainer can modify flag to create pull request (#703) (0e5a1d1d)
  • Fix typo in (#701) (98d32af4)
  • Add role parameter to Team.add_membership method (#638) (01ab4cc6)
  • Add add_membership testcase (#637) (5a1424bb)

Version 1.36 (February 02, 2018)

  • Fix changelog generation (5d911e22)
  • Add collaborator permission support (#699) (167f85ef)
  • Use datetime object in create_milestone (#698) (cef98416)
  • Fix date format for milestone creation (#593) (e671fdd0)
  • Remove the default “null” input send during GET request (#691) (cbfe8d0f)
  • Updated PullRequest reviewer request according to API changes (#690) (5c9c2f75)
  • make created_at/published_at attrs available for Release objects (#689) (2f9b1e01)
  • Add committer/author to Repository.delete_file (#678) (3baa682c)
  • Add method to get latest release of a repository (#609) (45d18436)
  • Add permissions field to NamedUser (#676) (6cfe46b7)
  • Fix all pep8 coding conventions (6bc804dc)
  • Add new params for /users/:user/repos endpoint (89834a9b)
  • Add support for changing PR head commit (#632) (3f77e537)
  • Use print() syntax in README (#681) (c5988c39)
  • Add PyPI badge and installation instructions to README (#682) (3726f686)
  • Drop support for EOL Python 2.5-2.6 and 3.2-3.3 (#674) (6735be49)
  • Add Reactions feature (#671) (ba50af53)
  • Add ping_url and ping to Hook (#669) (6169d8ea)
  • Add Repository.archived property (#657) (35333e03)
  • Add unit test for tree attribute of GitCommit (#668) (e5bfdbeb)
  • Add read_only attribute to Deploy Keys (#570) (dbc6f5ab)
  • Doc create instance from token (#667) (c33a3883)
  • Fix uploading binary files on Python 3 (#621) (317079ef)
  • Decode jwt bytes object in Python 3 (#633) (84b43da7)
  • Remove broken downloads badge (#644) (15cdc2f8)
  • Added missing parameters for repo creation (#623) (5c41120a)
  • Add ability to access github Release Asset API. (#525) (52449649)
  • Add ‘submitted at’ to PullRequestReview (#565) (ebe7277a)
  • Quote path for /contents API (#614) (554c1ab1)
  • Add Python 3.6 (2533bed9)
  • Add Python 3.6 (e78f0ece)
  • Updated references in introduction.rst (d2c72bb3)
  • fix failing tests on py26 (291f6dde)
  • Import missing exception (67b078e9)

Version 1.35 (July 10, 2017)

  • Add Support for repository collaborator invitations.

Version 1.34 (abril 04, 2017)

  • Add Support for Pull Request Reviews feature.

Version 1.32 (February 1, 2017)

  • Support for Integrations installation endpoint (656e70e1)

Version 1.31 (January 30, 2017)

  • Support HTTP 302 redirect in Organization.has_in_members (0154c6b)
  • Add details of repo type for get_repos documentation (f119147)
  • Note explicit support for Python 3.5 (3ae55f0)
  • Fix README instructions (5b0224e)
  • An easier to see link to the documentation in response to issue #480. (6039a4b)
  • Encode GithubObject repr values in utf-8 when using Python2 (8ab9082)
  • Updated documentation (4304ccd)
  • Added a subscribers count field (a2da7f9)
  • Added “add_to_assignees” & “remove_from_assignees” method to Issue object. (66430d7)
  • Added “assignees” attribute to PullRequest object. (c0de6be)
  • add html_url to GitRelease (ec633aa)
  • Removed unused imports (65afc3f)
  • Fix typo in a constant (10a28e0)
  • Fix changelog formatting glitch (03a9227)
  • Added “assignees” argument in Repository.create_issue() (ba007dc)
  • Enhance support of “assignees” argument in Issue.edit() (14dd9f0)
  • Added “assignees” attribute to Issue object. (e0e5fdf)

Version 1.30 (January 30, 2017)

  • adds GitHub integrations (d60943d)

Version 1.29 (October 10, 2016)

  • add issue assignee param (3a8edc7)
  • Fix diffrerent case (fcf6cfb)
  • DOC: remove easy_install suggestion; update links (45e76d9)
  • Add permission param documentation (9347345)
  • Add ability to set permission for team repo (5dddea7)
  • Fix status check (073bb44)
  • adds support for content dirs (0799753)

Version 1.28 (September 09, 2016)

  • test against python 3.5 (5d35284)
  • sort params and make them work on py3 (78374b9)
  • adds a nicer __repr__ (8571d87)
  • Add missing space (464259d)
  • Properly handle HTTP Proxy authentication with Python 3 (d015154)
  • Fix small typo (987bca0)
  • push to ‘origin’ instead of ‘github’ (d640666)

Version 1.27.1 (August 12, 2016)

  • upgrade release process based on travis (3c20a66)
  • change file content encoding to support unicode(like chinese), py2 (5404030)
  • adds missing testfile corrections (9134aa2)
  • fixed file API return values (0f29a53)
  • assert by str and unicode to make it more py3 friendly (7390827)
  • Patch issue 358 status context (#428) (70e30c5)
  • Adding “since” param to Issue.get_comments() (#426) (3c6f99f)
  • update doc url everywhere (#420) (cb0cf0a)
  • fix a couple typos to be clearer (#419) (23c0e75)
  • Document how one gets an AuthenticatedUser object (ba66862)
  • fix wrong expectance on requestJsonAndCheck() returning {} if no data (8985368)
  • Add previous_filename property to File (e1be1e6)
  • add changelog entry for 1.26.0 (a1f3de2)
  • update project files (be2e98b)
  • fix update/create/delete file api return value issue (8bb765a)
  • fix typo (a7929ac)
  • fix update/delete/create content return value invalid issue (a0a4511)
  • Follow redirects in the case of a 301 status code (c29f533)
  • Fix for pickling exception when deserializing GithubException. (8f8b455)
  • add support for the head parameter in Repository.get_pulls (397a74d)
  • Add: - CommitCombinedStatus class - get_combined_status() to Commit class to return combined status - Add test for combined status. (5823ed7)
  • fix python3 compatibility issue for using json/base64 (5b7f0bb)
  • remove not covered API from readme (9c6f881)
  • change replay data for update file test case (46895df)
  • fix python3 compatability error in test case (00777db)
  • Add repo content create/update/delete testcase (4aaeb9e)
  • add MAINTAINERS file (a16b55b)
  • travis: disable email (6347157)
  • fix protect branch tests (65360b0)
  • Add branch protection endpoint (737f0c3)
  • fix request parameters issue (ae37d44)
  • add content file create/update/delete api (b83ffbf)
  • Add travis button on README. (a83649b)
  • fix misspelling: (a06b5ec)
  • Adding base parameter to get_pulls() method. (71593a8)
  • add support for the direction parameter in Repository.get_pulls (70bcb6d)
  • added creator parameter (ca9af4f)

Version 1.27.0 (August 12, 2016)

  • this version was never released to PyPi due to a problem with the deployment

Version 1.26.0 (November 5th, 2015)

  • Added context parameter to Status API
  • Changed InputGitAuthor to reflect that time is an optional parameter
  • Added sort option to get_pulls
  • Added api_preview parameter to Requester class
  • Return empty list instead of None for pagination with no pages
  • Removed URL scheme validation that broke GitHub Enterprise
  • Added “add_membership” call to Teams
  • Added support to lazily load repositories
  • Updated test suite to record with oauth tokens
  • Added support for http_proxy
  • Add support for filter/role options in Organization.get_members()
  • Changed Organization.get_members’s filter parameter to _filter
  • Fix escaping so that labels now support whitespaces
  • Updated create_issue to support taking a list of strings for labels
  • Added support for long integers in get_repo
  • Fixed pagination to thread headers between requests
  • Added repo.get_stargazers_with_dates()

Version 1.25.2 (October 7th, 2014)

  • Work around the GitHub API v3 returning nulls in some paginated responses, erichaase for the bug report

Version 1.25.1 (September 28th, 2014)

  • Fix two-factor authentication header, thanks to tradej for the pull request

Version 1.25.0 (May 4th, 2014)

Version 1.24.1 (March 16th, 2014)

  • Fix urlquoting in search, thanks to cro for the pull request

Version 1.24.0 (March 2nd, 2014)

Version 1.23.0 (December 23th, 2013)

  • Fix all that is based on headers in Python 3 (pagination, conditional request, rate_limit…), huge thanks to cwarren-mw for finding the bug
  • Accept strings for assignees and collaborators, thanks to farrd
  • Ease two-factor authentication by adding ‘onetime_password’ to AuthenticatedUser.create_authorization, thanks to cameronbwhite

Version 1.22.0 (December 15th, 2013)

Version 1.21.0 (November ??th, 2013)

  • Accept strings as well as Label objects in Issue.add_to_labels, Issue.remove_from_labels and Issue.set_labels. Thank you acdha for asking
  • Implement equality comparison for completable github objects (ie. those who have a url attribute). Warning, comparison is still not implemented for non-completable objects. This will be done in version 2.0 of PyGithub. Thank you OddBloke for asking
  • Add parameter author to Repository.get_commits. Thank you naorrosenberg for asking
  • Implement the statistics end points. Thank you naorrosenberg for asking

Version 1.20.0 (October 20th, 2013) (First Seattle edition)

  • Implement Github.get_hook(name). Thank you klmitch for asking
  • In case bad data is returned by Github API v3, raise an exception only when the user accesses the faulty attribute, not when constructing the object containing this attribute. Thank you klmitch for asking
  • Fix parameter public/private of Repository.edit. Thank you daireobroin449 for reporting the issue
  • Remove Repository.create_download and NamedUser.create_gist as the corrensponding APIs are not documented anymore

Version 1.19.0 (September 8th, 2013) (AKFish’s edition)

  • Implement conditional requests by the method GithubObject.update. Thank you very much akfish for the pull request and your collaboration!
  • Implement persistence of PyGithub objects: and Github.load. Don’t forget to update your objects after loading them, it won’t decrease your rate limiting quota if nothing has changed. Again, thank you akfish
  • Implement Github.get_repos to get all public repositories
  • Implement NamedUser.has_in_following
  • Implement Github.get_api_status, Github.get_last_api_status_message and Github.get_api_status_messages. Thank you ruxandraburtica for asking
  • Implement Github.get_rate_limit
  • Add many missing attributes
  • Technical change: HTTP headers are now stored in retrieved objects. This is a base for new functionalities. Thank you akfish for the pull request
  • Use the new URL to fork gists (minor change)
  • Use the new URL to test hooks (minor change)

Version 1.18.0 (August 21st, 2013) (Bénodet edition)

  • Issuesrepository attribute will never be None. Thank you stuglaser for the pull request
  • No more false assumption on rate_limiting, and creation of rate_limiting_resettime. Thank you edjackson for the pull request
  • New parameters since and until to Repository.get_commits. Thank you apetresc for the pull request
  • Catch Json parsing exception for some internal server errors, and throw a better exception. Thank you MarkRoddy for the pull request
  • Allow reversed iteration of PaginatedList. Thank you davidbrai for the pull request

Version 1.17.0 (Jully 7th, 2013) (Hamburg edition)

Version 1.16.0 (May 31th, 2013) (Concarneau edition)

  • Add the html_url attribute to IssueComment and PullRequestComment

Version 1.15.0 (May 17th, 2013) (Switzerland edition)

  • Implement listing of user issues with all parameters. Thank you Daehyok Shin for reporting
  • Raise two new specific exceptions

Version 1.14.2 (April 25th, 2013)

  • Fix paginated requests when using secret-key oauth. Thank you jseabold for analysing the bug

Version 1.14.1 (April 25th, 2013)

Version 1.14.0 (April 22nd, 2013)

  • Improve gist edition. Thank you jasonwiener for asking:
    • Delete a file with gist.edit(files={"name.txt": None})
    • Rename a file with gist.edit(files={"old_name.txt": github.InputFileContent(gist.files["old_name.txt"].content, new_name="new_name.txt")})
  • Raise specific exceptions. Thank you pconrad for giving me the idea

Version 1.13.1 (March 28nd, 2013)

Version 1.13.0 (March 22nd, 2013)

Version 1.12.2 (March 3rd, 2013)

  • Fix major issue with Python 3: Json decoding was broken. Thank you bilderbuchi for reporting

Version 1.12.1 (February 20th, 2013)

  • Nothing, but packaging/upload of 1.12.0 failed

Version 1.11.1 (February 9th, 2013) (London edition)

  • Fix bug in lazy completion. Thank you ianozsvald for pinpointing it

Version 1.10.0 (December 25th, 2012) (Christmas 2012 edition)

Version 1.9.1 (November 20th, 2012)

  • Fix an assertion failure when integers returned by Github do not fit in a Python int

Version 1.9.0 (November 19th, 2012)

  • You can now use your client_id and client_secret to increase rate limiting without authentication
  • You can now send a custom User-Agent
  • PullRequest now has its ‘assignee’ attribute, thank you mstead
  • Repository.edit now has ‘default_branch’ parameter
  • create_repo has ‘auto_init’ and ‘gitignore_template’ parameters
  • GistComment URL is changed (see
  • A typo in the readme was fixed by tymofij, thank you
  • Internal stuff:
    • Add encoding comment to Python files, thank you Zearin
    • Restore support of Python 2.5
    • Restore coverage measurement in test
    • Small refactoring

Version 1.8.1 (October 28th, 2012)

  • Repository.get_git_ref prepends “refs/” to the requested references. Thank you simon-weber for noting the incoherence between documentation and behavior. If you feel like it’s a breaking change, please see this issue

Version 1.8.0 (September 30th, 2012)

  • Enable Travis CI
  • Fix error 500 when json payload contains percent character (%). Thank you again quixotique for pointing that and reporting it to Github
  • Enable debug logging. Logger name is “github”. Simple logging can be enabled by github.enable_console_debug_logging(). Thank you quixotique for the merge request and the advice
  • Publish tests in the PyPi source archive to ease QA tests of the FreeBSD port. Thank you koobs for maintaining this port
  • Switch to Semantic Versioning
  • Respect pep8 Style Guide for Python Code

Version 1.7 (September 12th, 2012)

  • Be able to clear the assignee and the milestone of an Issue. Thank you quixotique for the merge request
  • Fix an AssertionFailure in Organization.get_xxx when using Github Enterprise. Thank you mnsanghvi for pointing that
  • Expose pagination to users needing it (PaginatedList.get_page). Thank you kukuts for asking
  • Improve handling of legacy search APIs
  • Small refactoring (documentation, removal of old code generation artifacts)

Version 1.6 (September 8th, 2012)

Version 1.5 (September 5th, 2012)

  • Add a timeout option, thank you much xobb1t for the merge request. This drops Python 2.5 support. I may be able to restore it in next version.
  • Implement Repository.delete, thank you pmchen for asking

Version 1.4 (August 4th, 2012)

  • Allow connection to a custom Github URL, for Github Enterprise, thank you very much engie for the merge request

Version 1.3 (July 13th, 2012)

  • Implement markdown rendering
  • is now a datetime, thank you bilderbuchi
  • Fix documentation of Github.get_gist: id is a string, not an integer

Version 1.2 (June 29th, 2012)

  • Implement legacy search APIs, thank you kukuts for telling me Github had released them
  • Fix a bug with issue labels containing spaces, thank you philipkimmey for detecting the bug and fixing it
  • Clarify how collections of objects are returned by get_* methods, thank you bilderbuchi for asking

Version 1.1 (June 20th, 2012)

  • Restore compatibility with Python 2.5, thank you pmuilu
  • Use package_data instead of data_files for documentation files in, thank you malexw for reporting

Version 1.0 (June 3rd, 2012)

  • Complete rewrite, with no more complicated meta-description
  • Full typing of attributes and parameters
  • Full documentation of attributes and parameters
  • More usable exceptions raised in case on problems with the API
  • Some bugs and limitations fixed, special thanks to bilderbuchi, roskakori and tallforasmurf for reporting them!

Pre-release versions

Version 0.7 (May 26th, 2012)

  • Use PyGithub with OAuth authentication or with no authentication at all

Version 0.6 (April 17th, 2012)

  • Fix issue 21 (KeyError when accessing repositories)
  • Re-completed the API with NamedUser.create_gist

Version 0.5 (March 19th, 2012)

  • Major achievement: all APIs are implemented
  • More refactoring, of course

Version 0.4 (March 12th, 2012)

  • The list of the not implemented APIs is shorter than the list of the implemented APIs
  • APIs not implemented:
    • GET /gists/public
    • GET /issues
    • GET /repos/:owner/:repo/compare/:base…:head
    • GET /repos/:owner/:repo/git/trees/:sha?recursive-1
    • POST /repos/:owner/:repo/git/trees?base_tree-
  • Gists
  • Autorizations
  • Keys
  • Hooks
  • Events
  • Merge pull requests
  • More refactoring, one more time

Version 0.3 (February 26th, 2012)

  • More refactoring
  • Issues, milestones and their labels
  • NamedUser:
    • emails
  • Repository:
    • downloads
    • tags, branches, commits and comments (not the same as “Git objects” of version 0.2)
    • pull requests (no automatic merge yet)
  • Automatic generation of the reference documentation of classes, with less “see API”s, and less errors

Version 0.2 (February 23rd, 2012)

  • Refactoring
  • Teams details and modification
    • basic attributes
    • list teams in organizations, on repositories
  • Git objects
    • create and get tags, references, commits, trees, blobs
    • list and edit references

Version 0.1 (February 19th, 2012)

  • User details and modification
    • basic attributes
    • followers, following, watching
    • organizations
    • repositories
  • Repository details and modification
    • basic attributes
    • forking
    • collaborators, contributors, watchers
  • Organization details and modification
    • basic attributes
    • members and public members