A good issue includes a short, self contained, correct example of the problem, something like:

assert github.Github().get_user("jacquev6").name == "Vincent Jacques"

It is even better if you provide the debug logs associated with your issue. Enable them with github.enable_console_debug_logging() and copy them in the body of the issue. Warning, you may want to remove some private information (authentication information is removed, but there may be private stuff in the messages)

If for any reason you are not able to do that, open your issue anyway and we will see what is needed to solve your problem.

Pull requests

Please do your pull requests on the develop branch.

Automated tests

You can run the tests through python -m github.tests. Run a specific test with python -m github.tests TestCase or python -m github.tests TestCase.testMethod.

If you add a new test, for example Issue139.testCompletion, you must add an import in github/tests/ Then, you have to run python -m github.tests Issue139.testCompletion --record to create the github/tests/ReplayData/*.txt files needed for you new test. Check them and commit them as well. You will need a file at the root of the project with the following contents:

login = "my_login"
password = "my_password"
oauth_token = "my_token"  # Can be left empty if not used

Coding conventions

PyGithub follows pep8 Style Guide for Python Code except for line length. Please check your code with pep8 Python style guide checker, by running pep8 --ignore=E501 github.